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Did you know Peter Benchley the father of Jaws spent his life defending the devil of his own creation? 150 Million sharks die each year from the finning industry, overfishing , lost of habitats and climate change – a direct result of overpopulation, overconsumption and cultural entitlement. The drastic decline in the population of ocean's apex predator is putting our ecosystem at the cusp of breakdown – the single greatest threat to the survival of humanity.


But what if – your greatest fear becomes your greatest legacy, in way of beauty? 


In Sharks We Trust sets out to do two things:


1. A creative venture to bring shark and ocean conservation to mainstream/popular culture through grassroot initiatives and innovative brand partnerships

2. A philosophical undertaking to inspire the market especially youth with the “Purpose” narrative

Preservation of nature starts with the empowerment of its people

Through our field partners, we help build capacities in shark communities worldwide, through the establishment of better education foundations and career pipelines  into conservation. In the 2019 season, worked with MWSRP and helped fun paid conservation internships for local Maldivians.


2019 Graduate:

"As a Maldivian I am proud of the connection we have to the environment, as it is what drove this country to grow from a fishing village to the tourism. And what I would like to change the most is the amount of young adults who are interested in the conservation. Most of them gravitate towards the fun side of the ocean and not yet aware or involved in protecting the environment and the marine animals."

Humaam Mohamed Nihad

Male, Maldives

Photo: Alexandre Childs

Theory of Change

"What if we have a world to fight FOR instead of fighting AGAINST our problems?"

- Rob Stewart

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