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Our Reality: Global Warming

Sheltering 1/4 of all known marine species, coral reefs are the rudimentary provider of all the seafood we eat, tourism, while protecting our coastlines from flood. When the living environment deteriorates (warming water, pollution, excessive sunlight) corals expel symbiotic algae living in their tissues and turn white as a manifestation of stress. 2014-17 alone, climate change has caused mass bleaching of over 75% of global reefs, including up to 99% in the Indian Ocean, severely threatening the communities that depend on it, above or underwater.



White Planet

Bleached Coral Reef

– Is there life without the ocean?

Cauliflower Florets, Buttermilk, Nutmeg


At the current rate of rising sea temperature we will see the eradication of an entire ecosystem in our lifetime. But know that bleached/white corals are not dead – It’s their call for help.


Images from the documentary “Chasing Coral” (Netflix)


Reducing greenhouse gas though is a massive undertaking – Bill Gate's How to Avoid a Climate Disaster is a thorough point of reference. It has everything to do with manufacturing, food, transportation, energy industries on both policy and individual levels. For example, the development and adoption of renewable energy and materials, change and forging new consumption and lifestyle habits, etc.

Other challenges we're facing:

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