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Wear the Change

Sustainable Statement Swimwear for Shark Conservation

Fashion Activism


The founding of In Sharks We Trust was as an apology, as China is historically responsible for the fin trade that decimated global shark population. Inspired by British fashion icon Vivienne Westwood, we're here to galvanize purpose and reimagine activism — in way of beauty. Beautiful things gives us patience. With patience comes a pause for thoughts. Thinking makes room for wonder. 


So we took it to the biggest seafood market within reach, which houses up to 1/4 of the seafood that comes through Shanghai –– to do an ISWT photoshoot. 


By juxtaposing beauty and the gruesome hustle, we staged not a protest, but an objection. To show the world there are individuals fighting for change too. And to remind China of the unseen and the overconsumption of seafood.

Believing that where mistakes were made, changes can happen too.

Chefs' Sharks


Then we rallied 9 of Shanghai's most respected and sustainability minded chefs, as an act against shark fin restaurants still so common in China.


In the skin and as the voice for sharks, are the masters of food who believe in the equality of Man and Nature. By taking entitlement out of what and how we eat, we can give dignity back to sharks and the Ocean that provide for us, through a conscious sustainable food future.

This is a formidable undertaking that will take more than a day, a year, years. But believe in the power in our hands, on our plate – the choice we get to make 3 times a day, every day.

Honor The Fins


The dream didn't stop. In partnership with The Middle House Shanghai, we staged the first ever underwater exhibition of fashion activism for shark conservation, against the finning industry.

This is an immersive experience, literally. You need to put on swimsuits and goggles, and dive in. Hear just your breath. Feel the water. Behind the diving-like experience is one simple yet profound idea: The only thing that connects us and citizens of Earth in these photos, is water. 



One of world's most active champions of ecotourism based in Donsol. Actively working with the local government it's helped Donsol rise from a 5th class municipality on its way to 1st. Honored to be supporting its Environmental Education team in school outreach and innovative education programs.


The pioneer and visionary leader in ecotourism in Tanzania’s biggest marine park, Kitu runs responsible whale shark encounters and has been devoted to youth education and conservation capacity building in the local community for over 20 years.


Created in 2016 MWSPF's research findings has made Nosy Be the newest hotspot for whale sharks. It focuses on research, conservation and education, and we're working to send the first local female into conservation research and sustainable tourism!

2020 Field Partners

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