The future of vegetable is: Algae

From the tiniest shrimps to blue whales the largest living animal on earth algae has been the staple of the sea for eons. Algae sets the foundation for the future of our (sea)food supply:

  • Lowest on food chain, minimizing energy loss in the process

  • Nutrient dense (60% protein, omega fats and Vitamin B)

  • Most efficient to farm: it grows 10x faster than terrestrial plants, requires no freshwater and minimal fertilizer, and takes about 1% of land space (no cropland) needed of other food; actually benefit from more CO2 and warmer waters

  • New/alternative jobs for coastal communities


Concept by ISWT; Culinary execution by David Laris.

A Lone Fish, Sustainable Arctic Char in a sea of edible plastic inspired by ocean plastic pollution

White on white, creamed cauliflower soup inspired by global warming and coral bleaching


Some of the trendiest super foods are all algae based? Spirulina


Other sustainable opportunities: