Our Reality: Plastic Pollution

1.3 tons of carbon is emitted per ton of plastic made; 40% of all plastic made are single use. 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the sea, that is 80% of all ocean debris: fishnets, styrofoam packaging, straws, candy wrappers, the list goes on. The most shocking number of all: by 2050, the amount of ocean plastic is estimated to surpass fish in weight.


Microplastics – smaller plastic particles <5 mm long – can now be found everywhere from Mount Everest to seafood even table salt.


A Lone Fish

Inspired by dead sea birds


• Sustainable Arctic Char in a sea of edible plastic inspired

• by ocean plastic pollution

• ingredient 3


Images: Chris Jordan, Colin Sim


The 1.56 billion disposable face masks that entered the oceans in 2020 are just the tip of the plastic pollution iceberg. They could be leaching heavy metals and nano-plastics into our environment.


• Order less takeout.

• Use less packaging.

• Do less laundry.

• Refuse all single use plastics.

• Recycle.

Other challenges we're facing: