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The future of the planet is on our plate.

1/4 of global greenhouse gases come from food production: raising animals, growing crops, making fertilizer, transporting food. To feed 9B people by 2050, the industry of eating has become one of the climate and our ocean’s biggest threats. But food is also a decision we can make, 3 times a day, every day.

Introducing Future Of Food:

Food as Canvas, Gastronomy as Eduction. Through ingredient sourcing and creative culinary techniques, introduce the biggest issues and opportunities in ocean conservation.


The Inaugural FOF 2021

In partnership with The Middle House and Chef David Laris

One in a Million – A lone fish swimming in a sea of edible plastic – we are what we eat.

White Planet – Bleached Coral Reef – Is there life without the ocean?

Welcome to the Jungle  – life begins and ends with mushroom and our 6 legged friends

Bloodless Meatballs – Feed the world and spill no blood 

Challenges & Opportunities

Imagine a future where we don’t have to SACRIFICE for the environment but SATIATE life in a brand new light.


If you're interested in collaborating on Future of Food from events to menu design, feel free to write us at

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