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ISWT 2019: Maldives


Hailing from South Ari Atoll – "atoll" means ring shaped coral islet synonymous with "lagoon island" – one of the only places in the world whale sharks can be found year round, 2 of the most iconic sharks and their unique prints have graced this collection. They are FERNANDO, the most spotted whale shark in the Maldives, and FAZAA, one of the only females in the region. 90% of the whale sharks in Maldives are juvenile male – why this is the case yet unknown. Some travel between atolls. Some stick around for years.


Photo: Alexandre Childs

In this collection, we are incredibly honored to have Maldives Whale Shark Research Program (MWSRP), a conservation charity based out of South Ari Atoll since 2006 – as a fielder partner, through which ISWT reinvests 100% of our NET profit to help power local conservation talent development in the Maldives.

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