ISWT 2.0:

Tanzania, Madagascar, Philippines



Welcome to ISWT’s second capsule collection, featuring 3 sharks residing the warm waters from South East Asia to Eastern Africa. They are Pontoon – the most spotted boy from Donsol Philippines, examplifying ecotourism at its best; Michel – one of the first sharks to be tracked in Nosy Be Madagascar and with an distinctly scarred dot on his side body and chipped tail fin;   Msafiri – a new shark identified on New Years Eve 2018 at Mafia Island, Tanzania, whose name means “journey” in Swahili.


In proud partnerships with WWF Philippines, Madagascar Whale Shark Project Foundation, Kitu Kiblu, supporting conservation education and career development in local communities.

One of world's most active champions of ecotourism based in Donsol. Actively working with the local government it's helped Donsol rise from a 5th class municipality on its way to 1st. Honored to be supporting its Environmental Education team in school outreach and innovative education programs.

The pioneer and visionary leader in ecotourism in Tanzania’s biggest marine park, Kitu runs responsible whale shark encounters and has been devoted to youth education and conservation capacity building in the local community for over 20 years.

Created in 2016 MWSPF's research findings has made Nosy Be the newest hotspot for whale sharks. It focuses on research, conservation and education, and we're working to send the first local female into conservation research and sustainable tourism!



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