Reinterpreting Haute Fashion 

Why can't conservation be luxury? 


ALL SUITS ARE REVERSIBLE, with endless possibilities for the groovy, beautiful, fearless hearts. Our aesthetic is sophisticated, dynamic and minimal – inspired by haute couture and evening wear, designed with ocean sports in mind. Our launch colorways took inspirations from the Maldivian sun that never ceases to burn, dramatic drop offs in the sea and of course, the whale sharks.

Photo: ECONYL, Brian J Skerry / National Geographic Stock

We use a super premium Italian techno-fabric made from ECONYL, 100% REGENERATED NYLON from discarded fish nets and pre/post consumer waste, and infinitely recyclable. Xtra Life Lycra, a bio-based elastane, brings ultimate comfort and durability to the suits. Through careful partner sourcing, we’re able to eliminate plastic throughout manufacturing and in our packaging. Look fabulous, while standing by a dignified Earth.

MADE IN CHINA, WITH REDEMPTIONS. China’s shark fin industry is historically responsible for 70 million sharks that STILL get killed each year. We manufacture our suits here in an effort to educate from the ground up, one factory and one line worker at a time: Where mistakes were made, changes can happen too.