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The ISWT Fund is aimed at activating and enabling local communities to come up with grassroot conservation solutions, build sustainable livelihoods through effective shark conservation. Through our diligently curated network of field partners we invest in two types of initiatives:

CONSERVATION EDUCATION. Lack of talent is the perpetual challenge conservation and many NGOs face. We are here to help facilitate better education foundation and career opportunities to funnel more aspiring youth into conservation. In the current collection, we're working with Maldives National University and MWSRP and funding paid conservation internships for local Maldivians.

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP for shark and ocean conservation. Like an incubator, we want to identify and help grow impact initiatives in the communities we work with. We’re especially interested in initiatives that are financially self sustaining, but open to projects that tackle awareness and broader conservation issues.

(For Maldivians) the ocean is the single most valuable resource for us... I had no direct field work in science and conservation except doing some coastal clean ups before I joined the internship, but over the course of 3 months I fell in love with everything underneath the surface! I've grown a passion much stronger than I had for anything before and it has changed my path.

Abdul Basith Mohamed  

MWSRP In-Field Coordinator, Former Intern

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