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The ISWT Award is aimed at activating and enabling local communities to come up with grassroot conservation solutions, build sustainable livelihoods through effective shark conservation. We fund two types of initiatives:

CONSERVATION INTERNSHIPS. For the current collection, we’re working with Maldives National University and MWSRP on the selection of candidates.

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP for shark and ocean conservation. We’re especially interested in initiatives that are financially self sustaining, but open to projects that tackle awareness and broader conservation issues.

“The ocean is the single most valuable resource for us... I had no direct field work in science and conservation except doing some coastal clean ups before I joined the internship, but over the course of 3 months I fell in love with everything underneath the surface! I've grown a passion much stronger than I had for anything before and it has changed my path."

Abdul Basith Mohamed  

MWSRP In-Field Coordinator, Former Intern


Applicants must meet the following criteria: 

+ Maldivian locals

+ For internships, applicants need to demonstrate a track record in and/or long term commitment to conservation

+ For entrepreneurial ventures, projects need to have measurable impact on shark/ocean conservation


In written or video form, tell us:

+ Who you are and why you’re passionate about shark conservation

+ Your plans upon completing the internship

+ Your idea and how it works

+ How you’re planning to use the award to start your venture, or take your current business to the next level


Merit based selection by our Board of Trustees. Our evaluation criteria include:

+ Effectiveness in shark/ocean conservation

+ Demonstrated ability to grow and/or complete the project

+ Financial sustainability of the project

+ Community impact

+ Creativity


Young Woman with Grey Sweater

Aminath Shazly

Faculty of Bachelors of Environmental Management (BEM) Program at Maldives National University

Man with Wooden Background
Young Man with Checkerd Shirt

Managing Director at Maldives Whale Shark Research Program

Richard Rees

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